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At Maisam Steel Mill, Our goal is create quality products for people of Afghanistan and make Afghanistan independent from imports of steel products from neighbor countries.

Company Overview

Maisam Steel Mill (MSM), IEC/ISO 9001:2015 and IEC/ISO 45001:2018 Certified, is the first Steel Manufacturing Company in Afghanistan. It was established in Kabul, in 2009. MSM has started its main operations and production in 2010 as the pioneer in steel manufacturing industry in the country. Despite of several known challenges and changes in recent years that businesses are facing in the country, there have been many opportunities available to do business in Afghanistan. Utilizing those opportunities and dealing with all the challenges, Alhamdulillah, MSM as the pioneer in steel manufacturing Industry in Afghanistan has been successful so far, and has been growing from 2010 till now. Since its inception MSM sole objective was not only to earn just a profit in order to support its growth and sustainability, it is MSM’s main objective to take part in economic growth of Afghanistan by employing young people and make the country more dependent on its own products. 

We started by selling our products only in central city of Kabul and currently our products dominate the steel markets all over Afghanistan. Located in the capital city of Kabul, our expert management and production team are the most elite team with more than 15+ years of experience. This talent pool of elites give MSM the capacity to produce 336 metric tons of different kind of steel per day, which, mainly include Steel Rebar (from 8 mm to 32mm), Steel Angles (from 20 mm X 20mm to 75mm X 75mm) and Steel T-bar in different sizes. 

In future MSM plan is to introduce 2 new products (I beam and H beam) to the market. MSM’s future broad vision is to take part in exploration and extraction of rich iron mines in Afghanistan. Taking part in numerous other development projects, during years 2012 to 2017, MSM has completed a Public Private Alliance partnership with a USAID project called ABADE, as the result, more than 200 young Afghans were employed and more standardized steel products were introduced to the market. There is a great demand for our products in the market nationally our products are sold in all key provinces of Afghanistan and one day by the will of Allah the almighty our products will compete internationally.

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Our Mission

Although steel industry is highly relying on fossil fuels for their production process, we are thinking about finding environmental friendly ways of production and to reduce the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels. To do that, MSM is in close contact with the global steel community to reach to an environmental friendly solution to this global problem.

Our Vision

Since there are a lot of unexploited mines in Afghanistan, strategically, our vision is to take part in extraction and exploitation of iron ore in the country. We aim to produce not only from scraps, but also from the rich mines of Afghanistan to create a value chain in the industry. By extracting and producing from these rich mines, we aim to step up in the international markets and grow our products to international markets, especially the neighboring countries, by providing high quality products and services. By expanding our operations and investments we aim to create more jobs, and boost up the Afghan economy.

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We are Maisam Steel Mill

Why Choose Us?

WThere are number of reasons that our customers considered MSM as their first choice in the last 15 years. However, amongst the many reasons: The unprecedented standard quality Products, Variety of products, Excellent Services and Reliable customer relationship are the main features that set us apart and make MSM the first choice for everyone.

Core Values:

CWe value and practice integrity and ethics, mutual respect, Innovation and the drive for constant improvement. A strong work ethic and professionalism is practiced by all at MSM.

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We are Maisam Steel Mill

Board of Directors

Sahra Karemi

General Manager